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How Valuable Is A Home's Garage?

Rent Vs Sell

The question that thousands of homeowners face every single year, should I rent or should I sell!? By the time you are finished reviewing the information on this page you will have a solid idea of what you should do. Of course there is no clear

10 reasons why rental properties are the best investment vehicle

There are many ways of investing your money to make it grow and provide long-term wealth for you and your family. If you have decided to go with real estate investing, rental properties are a wonderful option for you. This mode of investment is

How to analyze Single-family homes as investments

There are often times apprehensions in the minds of new investors when buying single family homes. Is the location, and the condition of the house, right? Will it fetch the desired rate of return on investment or not?

Renting out vs. selling your house

Renting vs. selling is a question that most investors face when they find that their property is not making maximum profits for them. They cannot decide whether they should continue renting it out or sell it to recover their capital investment.

When to invest and when not to INVEST

Investing in real estate is the most popular vehicle of investment in present times. While fixing and flipping may fetch a higher return on investment, it is the concept of renting an investment property that is most popular among investors.

Cleveland: Live Affordably in a Growing City

Cleveland is a very important city in the state of Ohio. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland was once a manufacturing hub of Ohio. Today, this city is divided into East and West sides by Cuyahoga River and is experiencing fast-paced

Tips on Choosing the Right Property Management Company

It becomes much easier for a landlord maintaining a portfolio of properties if he has the help and support of a property manager. By paying a certain percentage of monthly rent, you can become free from the stress and the worries of looking

Top Real Estate Market Trends for 2018

The year 2017 was the year of the unpredictable in the United States whether it was politics or real estate. Extremely low inventories and rising interest rates are a reality now, and Americans have learned to expect the unexpected from the

Buying Turnkey vs. Fixer-Upper

There is always this debate of buying a fixer-upper vs. buying a turnkey rental property. There is an assumption that it is always cheaper to buy and rehab a distressed property rather than buying a turnkey rental property. But most people

What to do if you find your property trashed by a tenant?

It is not always hunky dory as a landlord. You cannot expect to have everything going your way with zero vacancy rates and all tenants paying on time. Also, you cannot expect all your tenants to be well behaved.

Investor Insurance

Insurance is a necessity for an investment property. You pay with the hope that you will never have to use it for unforeseen events. With all the different emergencies, disasters, or problems that happen to a rental property, it is important a

Professional Services For Your Investment


One definition of a property manager is “someone who manages real estate for another person for compensation.” There are many duties involved, which include marketing the property, screening tenants, collecting rents, maintaining the


As they say - all things change. The rental market swings up and down depending on the current economy, interest rates, and the sales market. Different markets can lead to more properties on the market for rent. If there are more vacancies

Keeping Investment Records

Keeping complete records of your investments, from the beginning to the end of ownership, is simply good business. A major reason for maintaining accurate records is to calculate your gains or losses when you do sell the property.

If you do

Why Use a Licensed Contractor for Your Rental Property??


A rental property is an important part of your financial portfolio. It generally takes careful planning and a large financial outlay, which is just the beginning. A successful investment takes expertise, which is why you think carefully about

Utilizing The 1031 Exchange

Whether you are investing in the stock market, real property, or buying gold, there is a continual challenge of when and how to invest because of the fluctuations of current world events and economics. Buying and selling real estate can usually

Why Use A Professional Property Management Company?

Do you have an investment property that’s become too time-consuming to manage on your own? Have you realized that your current property management company isn’t responding properly to your or your tenants’ concerns? Working with the right

Investor Checklist


If you are the type of person that wants to build generational wealth, an investment property may be a good choice for your financial portfolio.  However, there are a few crucial items you will want to review before making a purchase.

Investors guide to walking properties

When investing in real estate you will often times hear about people buying properties "sight-unseen". This means that the buyer did not do their due diligence on the ground by performing a full inspection.

5 Reasons to invest in real estate

In recent years, there has been a lot of hype around the real estate investment world. Where there is hype, there is usually opportunity. When it comes to investing in REAL estate there are a lot of opportunities to start or continue to build


Are you maximizing your time as a real estate investor? Time is money in any business, and nothing is closer to the truth than within the real estate niche. While you could certainly attempt to manage all components of your business on your own,