Leasing Cleveland Rental Properties

Leasing is perhaps the most important part of property management. It’s where we market your property, find a great tenant, and set forth the expectations for a positive and productive tenancy.

With IIP, you can expect an efficient process that results in a well-qualified tenant and a compliance, enforceable lease agreement.

We Guarantee an Effective Leasing Process and a Qualified Tenant

We’ll rent your home within 39 days. That’s not an estimate – it’s a promise.
We’ll also guarantee the tenant we place. No evictions. No lease breaks.
It’s not confidence. It’s experience

Marketing Cleveland Rental Homes

The leasing process begins with attracting as much attention as possible to your property. Our 39-day leasing guarantee means we’re motivated to work quickly. You can expect professional-level marketing photos, concise and engaging descriptions, and a large pool of potential tenants interested in learning more about your rental home.

We leverage our technology to syndicate your listing across multiple rental platforms. We also use our own website and our deep network of leasing and real estate professionals who are always in touch with qualified tenants needing good homes.

Consistent Tenant Screening

Tenants are more than a credit score. We dig deep into their rental histories and financial backgrounds to ensure we’re placing a renter who can be trusted to pay on time, take care of your home, and follow the lease agreement. Our fair housing-compliant screening process includes:

  • Credit check
  • Income verification
  • Rental references
  • Criminal background check

We guarantee our tenants, which means we’re sure we can count on them. Once we find the right resident, we focus on strong tenant relationships and ongoing tenant retention.

Enforceable Lease Agreements

Don’t download any lease template you find online. Instead, partner with IIP Management to create a strong, enforceable lease agreement that’s compliant with all state laws and designed to protect you and your Cleveland investment property.

We work with tenants to ensure they understand the lease and all the requirements and responsibilities that come with it. Our expectations are clear. From rent collection policies to maintenance reporting, our tenants know what it means to rent a home from us.

Better Leasing Brings Better Tenants

Don’t leave the leasing to chance. Leverage our full-service leasing solutions, and begin a profitable and pleasant rental experience.