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Our full-service property management services in Cleveland include three signature guarantees that ensure profitable ROI on your rental property.

Work with us to say goodbye to the worries of rental property management.

Our Signature Guarantees*

Explore our three signature guarantees that secure the health of your prospective tenants as well as your rental property.

*Guarantee Disclaimer: Please contact us for eligibility

Tenant Placement Guarantee – IIP Management

We guarantee the best tenant placements. Our commitment is to swiftly secure tenants through a meticulous screening process, ensuring minimal eviction concerns in the future. Our team sifts through numerous applicants to identify the perfect match for your property. We use a comprehensive tenant screening processes that includes rental history verification from prior landlords, a credit check, eviction check, and criminal background check, full income and identify verification.

Our Tenant Placement Guarantee underscores our relentless pursuit to refine this service for our clients. Should a tenant we’ve placed default on payment within the first 6 months of their lease, we’ll find you a new tenant at no additional cost. This guarantee reflects our confidence in our thorough vetting procedure and our promise to deliver unparalleled service.

Rented Within 39 Days Guarantee – IIP Management

IIP Management is dedicated to swiftly connecting your property with potential tenants upon entering a contract with us. Our mission is to ensure your property is occupied without delay. Hence, we promise a 39-day guarantee. We have a dedicated property listing portal, dedicated team to monitor leasing activity on daily basis. Our cutting edge marketing approach, syndicates to over 28 advertising platforms.

Our confidence in our speedy tenant placement is unwavering. As a testament to our commitment, if we’re unable to secure an approved tenant within 39 days of the property hitting the market, the first month of our property management service is on us – absolutely free!

Pet Guarantee – IIP Management

It’s a recognized fact that accommodating pets often attracts tenants who are more responsible and community-conscious. As such, we advocate for our clients to be pet-friendly with their properties.

To protect your Cleveland rental from potential pet damage, we’ve instituted a comprehensive pet policy complemented by a pet assurance guarantee.

Our Pet Damage Program:

  • Bears the expenses for any pet-inflicted damage that surpasses the security deposit, covering up to $2,000 per lease term.*
  • Offers our clientele an unparalleled protection level, seven times more extensive than conventional pet policies.
  • The best part? It’s completely FREE to you!

Resident Benefit Program

The IIP Management Resident Benefits Package (RBP) provides tenants with value-added services, discounts, and convenience. These perks can lead to reduced utility costs, streamlined rent payments, and faster maintenance responses. For property owners, this translates to higher tenant retention and satisfaction. By enhancing the resident experience, both tenants and property managers reap the rewards of a harmonious living community.

Eviction Guarantee Program

We’re constantly striving to find ways to support our customers, particularly concerning the rising concerns of evictions.

The IIP Management Eviction Guarantee Program is tailored to heighten efficiency and mitigate eviction and expense risks for property owners and investors. Should a tenant violate their rental agreement, for a nominal monthly addition, we’ll shoulder all associated legal costs of the eviction process (worth $695), encompassing court charges and fines.

With this initiative, property owners can rapidly safeguard their assets and regain their units more swiftly than ever, without the unpredictability of eviction-related expenses. Rest assured, we’ve got you protected!

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