IIP Management – Guaranteeing Your Rental Happiness

Our full-service property management services in Cleveland include three signature guarantees that ensure profitable ROI on your rental property. 

Work with us to say goodbye to the worries of rental property management.

Our Signature Guarantees*

Explore our three signature guarantees that secure the health of your prospective tenants as well as your rental property.

*Guarantee Disclaimer: Please contact us for eligibility

Pet Guarantee – IIP Management

Our research shows that allowing pets can attract more responsible and socially aware tenants and hence, we encourage our clients to allow pets on their property.

To safeguard your Cleveland rental from damage by pets, we have a detailed pet policy and pet guarantee that effectively minimizes the risk of having pets, thus driving up your rental ROI.

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Our Pet Damage Program – 

  • Minimizes the risk of accepting a pet by charging pet fees and providing a pet guarantee certificate. 
  • Covers the cost of any damage caused by a pet that exceeds the security deposit up to $2,000 per tenancy
  • Provides our clients with seven times more coverage, as compared to traditional pet policies
  • Is not applicable to service animals or unauthorized pets that are not mentioned in a lease
  • Covers damages if any, to the property, and recovers them from the pet fees that we take from tenants

Rented Within 39 Days Guarantee – IIP Management

IIP Management takes pride in providing leads for potential tenants once you sign a contract with us. Our extensive network with other realtors in the area gives us access to a pool of tenants that meet your requirements.

Highlights of Our Rented in 39 Days Guarantee:

  • A property listing portal on our website where we display your property to a huge pool of tenants
  • Modern marketing system
  • Holistic and comprehensive tenant screening processes that include rental history verification, a credit check, eviction check, and criminal background check
  • Transparent and detailed screening process verifying the background of an applicant, income, and identity, as per fair housing laws. 
  • Assurance that if we fail to provide you with potential tenants within 39 days of vacancy, we will not charge a single penny for the first month of property management.

Tenant Placement Guarantee – IIP Management

We believe in speedy tenant placement with a rigorous tenant screening process, to avoid eviction issues later.

Our team screens hundreds of applicants to find the best fit for your property and our Tenant Placement Guarantee is a reflection of our continued efforts towards perfecting this service for our clients. 

By identifying and eliminating potential renters who have a low credit score or bad reviews, we protect our clients from the headache of delayed rental payments and evictions.

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