Rent Collection Made Simple for Your Cleveland Rental Properties

Safeguarding your rental income is one of the top priorities for homeowners, and we have the most straightforward collection system for it. We do the complete tenant screening, select the most qualified tenants for you, and assist in the rent collection and management process.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable conversations about rent with your tenants, and start enjoying the full benefits of your rental income hassle-free!

We Promise a Defined and Adaptable Rent Collection

We use convenient and user-friendly payment methods to ensure that the rent is paid, collected, and transferred in a timely and systematic manner. Say goodbye to missing rents, and say hello to better cash flows and high incomes.

Smart Managers That Make Rent Collection Efficient

Our team of skilled managers works continuously to make your rent collection and management experience better and effortless. You can connect with them anytime to get any query or issue solved instantly. Rent collection later makes the portfolios of the investment attractive and efficient; we understand that hence our team meticulously works towards your rent collection.

We also protect our homeowners by setting up a legal team of managers who assist you in cases of missing rent or any situation where your tenant refuses to pay the deserved rent. Our legal team will take all appropriate steps to safeguard your rent and protect you from any legal expenses.

Timely Reminders and Late Fees Evaluation

We have a system of providing reminders to the tenants before the due date; this is done to give them a gentle nudge to pay the rent on time. The reminders are also offered on the due date and the grace period days. All the reminders are sent via emails so that the tenants don’t skip the payment of rent.

Our team at IIP Management also does late fees assessed for the rents not paid by the tenants. A grace period of 5 days is given, and after that, the tenants have to pay the rent along with late fees.

Flexible Modes of Payment

Tenants and homeowners always have this question about what mode of payment they should use for rent collection and payment, which will be easy and secure. With our rent collection system, you no longer have to worry about it.

We use both the offline and online modes of payment as it is based on the preference of the tenants and homeowners. We take checks and drafts and safely deliver them to the property owners; we do not accept cash payments to ensure the complete safety of the owner’s income. Tenants love our online payments as they are convenient and quick, and you can do it from home.

Better Leasing Brings Better Tenants

Don’t leave the leasing to chance. Leverage our full-service leasing solutions, and begin a profitable and pleasant rental experience.