Cleveland Tenant Screening That Makes A Difference

Looking for quality tenants to occupy your Cleveland rental? It’s time you get connected to a property management company that understands your needs, meets your expectations, and places tenants who value your Cleveland home just the way you do.

Our Guarantees at IIP Management

Providing you with the best services is our chief priority. To fulfill that, we provide three signature guarantees:

  • A pet guarantee certificate to safeguard the property from pet damages
  • Renters with a thorough background check within 39 days guarantee certificate
  • Tenant placement guarantee certificates that can speed up the process of screening and placing quality tenants in your home.

Thorough Screening Checks

We are known for our rigorous screening processes to help you find the perfect Cleveland tenant. We filter the best-suited candidates according to your requirement from a wide pool of interested applicants. We give thorough consideration to every application and select potential tenants according to the Fair Housing Rules.

We employ a qualified team of highly efficient property managers who can help you screen tenants effectively. They also have significant experience in the field, which can help you avoid errors by conducting the process yourself.

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How do we find the most qualified tenants for your Cleveland home?

  • Rental History Verification Check: We check if the tenants’ have been capable and punctual with their previous rental payments.
  • Credit Check: We check if the tenants’ credit score matches your criteria. Ideally, we take the applications with a credit score of 620 or higher ahead.
  • Eviction Check: The tenant’s eviction history plays a crucial role. If they have been evicted for breaking the terms of the lease, doing illegal activities, or providing fraudulent documents, they can be a danger to your home and the neighborhood. Hence, we pay special attention to eviction history.
  • Criminal Background Check: Screening tenants with a criminal background and complying with the FHA Laws is often a catch-22 situation for landlords, but we know exactly what to do in such situations. We will place tenants only when we are sure that they are not a potential threat to your life, or the neighbors, and your home.

Special Attention To Legal Compliance

Our experience in real estate has highlighted the need for legal compliance in the process of renting a home. Even the tiniest legal mistake can result in disastrous outcomes. Therefore, we protect landlords from making legal mistakes knowingly or unknowingly while screening tenants.

  • We thoroughly know the rules and regulations of the Fair Housing Laws. We know what questions to ask, relevant topics, and mistakes that could have monumental consequences.
  • We only ask for the documents that we are legally allowed to demand to screen, like bank statements, reference letters, and proof of identity, among others.
  • We save the tenant application forms for nearly 2 years to protect you against any false claims of breaching the FHA rules.
  • We charge reasonable and legally sound application fees, that are the same for every applicant.
  • Breaking the rules while screening tenants can cost landlords thousands of dollars, and might even lead them to jail. Not when they partner with IIP Management. Your protection is our responsibility.

Effective Screening That Lowers Tenant Turnover

We at IIP Management have a vision for your Cleveland property which is why landlords trust us and choose us over the competition. The reach of our comprehensive services goes beyond simply finding tenants for your property.

We build strong relationships with our clients and their tenants by prioritizing communication. We ensure that our strict screening process does not put a strain on our relationship with the potential tenant. Our motive during tenant selection is to develop an understanding and place long-term qualified tenants. Therefore, we give screening a lot of our time and dedication so that you don’t have to worry about a vacancy anytime soon.

We know that a quality screening process can bring in quality tenants for your property, and result in quality revenue generation. That is exactly our motivation when we follow our meticulous screening process.

Get in touch with us for details about our screening process for your Cleveland rental!