Brick House

Housing market conditions are largely location based. What’s true in one neighborhood might not be true in another. But a lot of what causes those differences is rooted in home values. In other words, conditions on the high end of the market can sometimes look very different than those on the lower end of the market. That’s certainly true today. For example, recent data shows that the number of homes for sale above $750,000 was up 11 percent in April, while, at the same time, the number of available homes below $200,000 fell 8 percent. Combine that with the fact that a significant share of buyer demand is coming from first-time home buyers who are likely looking for something affordable and you can begin to see the problem. The high end of the market is currently cooling off, with an increasing number of available homes and fewer active buyers. At the same time, the market for affordable, starter homes continues to be competitive, with more buyers than homes for sale. This disparity explains why, though recent indicators show improving conditions for buyers, home sales numbers have not yet shown a corresponding increase. As more affordable homes become available, the market will balance and sales will begin to climb. More here.