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Relocating can be exciting. There’s a lot of energy when you make a change, and a lot of adrenaline. 

It can be stressful, too. Often, it seems like there are a million details to manage and a lot of room for error. 

As professional Cleveland property managers, we’ve helped hundreds of tenants and even owners when they’re moving from one home to another. We work with out-of-state owners and also with tenants who are moving to Cleveland after spending most of their lives elsewhere. 

Here are some of our best relocating tips that will hopefully help you make a smooth transition into your new home.

1. Budget for More than You Need

The first step to a successful relocation is a budget. You’ll need to figure out how much you need for housing, including any security deposits or pet fees, and you’ll also need to estimate how much to set aside for turning on utilities, filling your new home with food, and paying for movers. If you’re not going to pay movers to relocate you, you’ll have to budget for the DIY expenses that come with your move, whether that’s shipping and storage or gas getting to and from your new home. 

We recommend that you budget for more than you need. Round up whenever you can, and make sure there’s a healthy buffer between what you’ll need and what you have. Things are rarely cheaper than we expect them to be, especially during a move. You’ll be glad you have a little extra set aside. 

2. Get to Know the Cleveland Market

Spend some time researching your new city and even your new neighborhood. You can learn a lot on social media, you can start reading local newspapers and blogs, and you can get a feel for where people like to eat, shop, and have fun. Whether you’re a fan of professional sports, college sports, outdoor fun, arts, or films – you’ll find your niche when you start your research.

You can also reach out to a property management company like ours. We love providing resources and ideas for people who are new to the area. 

3. Get Comfortable with Schools, Work, and Travel

You’ll want to get in touch with local school districts if you are in school or you have children who will need to enroll. There may be requirements that take some time meeting before school starts. If you’re relocating for work, explore the resources provided by your company. 

Figure out parking, traffic laws, and how you’ll get around. People who relocate from walkable cities to cities dependent on cars or public transportation can often find themselves struggling to adapt. Decide how you want to move around, and make sure the infrastructure you need is there. 

4. Moving Day: Stay Organized and Flexible

moving outWhether you have movers showing up or a good set of friends or you’re driving a rented truck back and forth, make sure you’re prepared for the day that you actually move from one place to another. You’ll want everything packed up safely and you’ll want to make sure you have the keys and any access codes to your new home. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your new landlord, property manager, and even your new neighbors will likely be more than happy to help you get your bearings as you establish yourself in a new place. 

We are always here to provide resources and support. If you’re moving into a home we manage, we’d love to hear from you throughout your relocation process. Please contact us at IIP Management. We work with owners in the Greater Cleveland area.