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When you’re looking for a Cleveland property management company, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that’s experienced, responsive, and prepared to help you meet your investment goals.

You’ll also want a company that guarantees its services.

As you choose the best partner for your rental investment, make sure you look for property managers who are willing to stand behind their work. Hire a management company that offers guarantees like the ones we provide.

Here’s why they’re important, and what we offer.

Guarantees Provide Owners with Peace of Mind

Property managers succeed for you when they collect rent on time, protect your property, and help you stay compliant with all laws and regulations while earning short term rental income and long term ROI.

There’s also a lot of peace of mind that comes with Cleveland property management. You don’t want to worry about whether the tenant living in your home is going to pay rent. You don’t want to be stressed about lease violations and property damage. You want and need peace of mind when you hand your property over to professionals.

When a property management company guarantees its work and its services, you achieve that peace of mind. You know that you’re getting exactly what you pay for and if you don’t, the company will make things right.

Types of Property Management Guarantees

Every property management company does business a little differently. You might find someone who guarantees tenants. That means if your tenant leaves before the end of the lease term, you’ll get a new tenant placed at no cost to you.

There are also eviction guarantees. You expect your property manager to place a resident who is going to pay rent on time and take care of your property. If the rent stops coming in and the tenant has to be evicted, those legal costs and the amount of rent you lose will really add up. An eviction guarantee program can protect you against that risk.

Decide what type of guarantees are most important to you, and then choose the company that can provide them.

Guarantees Offered by IIP Management

When you work with IIP Management, you have access to some unique guarantees that all of our owners appreciate. Here’s a brief summary of what that means.

  • Pet Damage Guarantee

This is perhaps one of the most important guarantees we provide. We know that pets can be helpful in renting your property quickly and attracting a larger pool of tenants to your home. We also know they can scratch floors, leave unpleasant odors behind, and do damage to your landscaping.

Our pet damage guarantee prevents you from taking on that risk. The best part? It’s paid for by the tenants, not by you.

When we allow a tenant to move in with pets, we charge them a pet administration fee and/or a monthly pet fee. You’ll receive a Certificate of Pet Guarantee. We’ll cover the cost of any damage created by pets that goes above and beyond the security deposit up to $2,000 per tenant. This is far more coverage than what you’d get with a $300 pet fee, which is what most other companies charge.

  • Eviction Guarantee

All rental property owners dread having to evict. We take that worry off your mind with our eviction guarantee.

When you enroll in our eviction protection program, you’re protected against the cost of evicting tenants who don’t pay rent. We’ll take care of the filing fees, the attorney costs, and all of the document preparation. The cost is only $16 per month, per property. That’s a lot of peace of mind for just a few dollars a month.

Rental investmentsWe’d love to tell you more about why guarantees are so valuable. To hear about our extensive Cleveland property management services, please contact us at IIP Management. We work with owners in Cleveland Heights, Lakewood, Lyndhurst, Parma, Solon, and South Euclid (Cuyahoga County).